Virudhunagar District was formed as a separate district headquarters on 15.3.1985 after trifurcation from the erstwhile composite Ramanathapuram District.Virudhunagar District covers an extent of 4243 Sq.Km. This district is bounded on the West by Kerala State, on the north by Madurai and Sivagangai districts, on the east by the Ramanathapuram District and on the south by Tirunelveli,Thuthukudi and Tenkasi Districts.In Virudhunagar, there is a large trade in food products and hill garden produce. High quality black cotton is exported from here to many town mills. Olive oil,chillies etc. are also exported from here. As a large number of goods are sent from here by rail, The train station here has a very long platform and a dedicated area for cargo loading.

    Srivilliputhur is one of the oldest historical cities. A 1000 year old temple/ 200 year old Hindu school /135 year old Bennington Public Library are some of the cultural attractions. Tirupavai,an important part of the Tamil literary period, originated from this temple town. A notable landmark of Srivilliputhur is the 11-storied tower structure dedicated to Lord Srivilliputhur known as Vadabhadrasai. The tower of this temple is 192 feet tall and is the official symbol of Tamil Nadu Government. Another wonder at Srivilliputhur is the chariot run at Adipuram. The history of sriviilliputhur revolves around the Srivilliputhur temple dedicated to Andalu (8th century or earlier), the only female Alvar saint among the 12 Alvar saints of South India. Srivilliputhur is also famous for the sweet product Palkoa. Chenbagathoppu is about 8 km from Srivilliputhur. To the west is a forested area, famous for gray squirrels.Other tourist spots such as Thaniparai Chaturagrimalai and Plavakal Dam are located there.

    Sivakasi is famous for its crackers industry. There are many small and big match factories and firecracker factories here. Sivakasi is also famous for printing industry. It is also known as Little Japan.

    National Highway 45-B, an important route connecting Madurai and Tuticorin, passes through Aruppukkottai.

    The Rajapalayam dog is the most popular domestic dog breed in India. There are many spinning mills here. The cotton market is also significant.Ayyanar Falls and Sanjeevi Hill are also famous here.

    Satur is eight km. In the distance is the Istankudi Mariamman temple. The Karachevu made in Sattur is very popular, there is a Vaiparu in Sattur.

    Thiruchuzhi is a holy place where Ramana Maharishi incarnated.